Watch Peter McBride’s presentation for the Water 2012 Book Club now.  Also, be sure to join our blog discussion of the Colorado River Flowing Through Conflict beginning in early February.


3 thoughts on “The Colorado River– McBride Author Presentation Video Available Through the Water 2012 Book Club

  1. I finally had a chance to watch the video of the McBride presentation and the subsequent interview by Justice Greg Hobbs. It was well worth the time. McBride brings some interesting observations to the subject of the Colorado River from an outsider’s viewpoint. Justice Hobbs did an excellent job of drawing out McBride even more. Audience questions were good, as well. If you have already seen a McBride presentation, fast forward this video to the discussion period. It will be worth your while. This is the kind of stuff I hoped would happen with the Water 2012 Book Club concept. And if you did not attend the Colorado Water Congress, tune into the author videos of them, as well. What a great start.

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