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Did you know that 98% of Colorado’s water systems serve populations of 10,000 and less? Many operators and managers of these rural systems converged in Colorado Springs today for the Colorado Rural Water Association’s 31st Annual Conference and Exhibition. The conference will last through Thursday and provide advanced training and management classes as well as opportunities for networking.

On Thursday, catch the best tasting water contest! The winner will be eligible to compete against other states at the National Rural Water Association’s Rural Water Rally held in February 2013– in 2010 the Morgan County Quality Water District of Fort Morgan won second place in this national competition. How do you think Colorado’s water compares with that of other states? Do you love your drinking water?

According to the Colorado Water Quality Control Division, 96% of the state’s population drinks water that meets all health-based drinking water standards.  Read more about the safety of your drinking water and the role of water treatment in the latest issue of Headwaters Magazine.


2 thoughts on “Colorado’s Rural Water

  1. Hello All!
    The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) recently has started the Private Well Owner Hotline. Its purpose is to help private well owners with questions relating to water quality such as water testing and treatment, groundwater protection, and well maintenance and construction.
    Please spread the word or repost so others can know! The toll-free number is 855-420-9355 (855-H20-Well). The hotline hours are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time except for national holidays.
    While you’re at it, also tell others about NGWA’s new Private Well Owner Tip Sheet—a free monthly, one-page newsletter about tools to help private well owners reduce risks to their water supplies. Sign up for the Tip Sheet at http://www.wellowner.org.

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