WaterLeaders2013ClassCFWE recently announced and welcomed our 2013 cohort of Water Leaders. This diverse and talented group of mid-level professionals just started a journey developing their leadership potential with a focus on water resources issues. Their first classes were Monday and Tuesday, March 25 and 26, take a look at photos on Facebook.

Welcome and congratulations to:
Heather Beasley, Town of Castle Rock
Drew Beckwith, Western Resource Advocates
Jenny Bishop, Colorado Springs Utilities
Sean Chambers, Cherokee Metropolitan District
Kelly Close, Leonard Rice Engineers
Brian Epstein, Colorado Water Conservation Board
Nathan Fey, American Whitewater
David Graf, Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Katie Knoll, Denver Water
Brian Murphy, CDM Smith
Sarah Parmar, Colorado Open Lands
Kim Raby, Formation Environmental
Travis Robinson, Sanchez Ditch and Reservoir Company
Zach Smith, Colorado Water Trust
Dana Strongin, Northern Water

Since 2006, the Colorado Foundation for Water Education’s Water Leaders program has provided training in conflict resolution, communication and negotiation to participants across Colorado. Water Leaders participants benefit from extensive self-assessment and networking opportunities with similarly accomplished colleagues.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Colorado Water Leaders!

  1. Thanks to Peter Binney of Merrick & Co, Jeff Drager of Northern Water and Emily Hunt of the City of Thornton for joining us to discuss approaches to planning future supply! The class learned a lot and had a very spirited discussion after your presentations!

  2. Study says Colorado River water supply to fall short of demand. Why not reduce demand by reducing water waste in the areas that depend on that water supply? Water Select® helps educate people on how to conserve water in the home. Go green, reduce your water and carbon footprints, and help conserve water for our national river systems. For more info go to water-select.com

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