If you haven’t heard, CFWE’s annual Citizen’s Guide Giveaway is going on NOW… today is actually the last day to apply for up to 100 FREE GUIDES for your organization, classroom, community or cause. Send in your outreach plan and apply!!! Need some inspiration? Read about CFWE staff’s top Citizen’s Guide picks…

CFWE's Program Assistant Jennie Geurts
CFWE’s Program Assistant Jennie Geurts

Jennie Geurts: My favorite publication is the Citizen’s Guide to Where Your Water Comes From, because it answers an essential question we often take for granted.  We turn on the tap and miraculously have pure water – but how did it get there?  This guide traces the origins of our water, from Colorado’s unique climate to our groundwater and rivers, through the water storage systems, purification networks, and pipes to our taps.  Did you know that some of Denver’s water comes from as far away as Dillon?  Did you know that agricultural use accounts for 86% of water use in the state?  Pair this guide with the 2013 Headwaters on Utilities and explore where your water comes from!

Abby Kuranz, CFWE's Fall 2013 Intern
Abby Kuranz, CFWE’s Fall 2013 Intern

Abby Kuranz: Think an aquifer is just an underground lake? Think again. Ever wonder how long it takes for water to accumulate underground? Probably longer than you think. With surface water supplying 80% of Colorado’s water supply, Colorado’s groundwater is easy to overlook. That’s why my favorite Citizen’s Guide is Denver Basin Groundwater.  Learn all about a resource unseen and about the vital role groundwater plays in assuring a sustainable water supply in Colorado.

Caitlin Coleman, CFWE’s Program Assistant

NEW WQ CoverCaitlin Coleman: Who doesn’t identify with human health? In a state where water is so limited and valuable, water quality is more essential than ever– it determines how our water resources can be used and the success of our communities. My favorite publication is CFWE’s Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Water Quality Protection because it focuses on that necessity for clean water. The guide examines historical water protection law making, various pollutants and impacts to water quality as our state’s water flows from the mountains to the plains. It also looks at solutions, pollution controls, regulators, regulations and much more. It’s fascinating to view our state– to travel and see different rivers, reservoirs, lakes and streams– from a water quality perspective… And to learn about the organizations, agencies and people working to improve water quality.  Need more convincing (how could you?!) we JUST updated and reprinted the Water Quality Guide. Readers, like you, have been waiting more than a year for a copy– and here it is, hot off the press!!


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