The most wonderful time of the year– Colorado Gives Day is  a magical 24-hours when you can increase the impact of your year-end donation to your favorite (water) nonprofits.

So…Support the Colorado Foundation for Water Education TODAY.  Not convinced? Here’s a brief list of reasons to support CFWE: 

1. It’s Colorado Gives Day! And the end of the year, the season for giving… the list goes on. There’s no better time to join millions across our state (or country, or planet) to support water education.

2. This blog… hopefully you love it, but if you don’t, do something about it. CFWE writes and coordinates this blog– we love to hear your opinions, we encourage comments and welcome guest bloggers. It’s our blog, but it’s also YOURS (it’s your water, Colorado…. .org).

3. We like you as you are. We know, the holidays can be tough as you try to manage the expectations of different family members and friends– at the Foundation, we aren’t here to judge. Thanks to your support, the Colorado Foundation for Water Education provides people across our state with non-biased and accurate water information so everyone can speak fluent water. We aren’t trying to tell you what decisions to make, we just want them to be well-informed. Learn more about CFWE here:

4. We’re helping define values. Last year we led 260 participants on three river basin tours and four mini-tours. We toured the upper Colorado, lower Colorado and Platte rivers and led mini-tours on the energy-water nexus, the intersection of land use and water, climate and Denver’s urban waters.

5.  We’re strengthening leadership in Colorado! In September, the 2013 class of Water Leaders graduated with a great network, training in communication, leadership assessment and new knowledge of state-wide water issues.  They’re the very best, and our state’s future water leaders– plus we’re already welcoming applications for our 2014 Water Leaders class. Check out the program!

6. We’re increasing awareness and creating knowledge. In July, CFWE launched a new radio series, Connecting the Drops, in partnership with Rocky Mountain Community Radio. This monthly water programming reaches thousands with new water knowledge. We also printed an updated Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Water Quality Protection, gave away more than 1,000 free Citizen’s Guides to organizations across the state just this month, and continue to publish Headwaters magazine. Over the past year, we published three issues featuring water utilities, the Rio Grande River Basin and the energy-water nexus in Colorado. Look forward to informative upcoming issues on water education and engagement and the September 2013 flooding.

What do you have to add? Why do you support CFWE?

Learn more about how nonprofits appreciate and benefit from Colorado Gives Day through this video, featuring CFWE’s development director Alicia Prescott:


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