Coyote Gulch photo via Todd McPhail photo via Todd McPhail

FromThe Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

Plants need water.

Simple, right?

Until you begin to decide which kind of “plant.”

Pinto beans or cannabis? Steel or electricity?

While water is vital for life, it’s also a commodity, and determining the “highest and best use,” as water lore terms it, is a complicated proposition.

The Colorado Foundation for Water Education hosted a tour of about 50 people through history, farms and industry to show how water is used in Pueblo County.

“It’s a real blending of traditional and contemporary, where the Old West meets the New West,” said Kristin Maharg, of the foundation, which was formed by the state Legislature to provide impartial water information.

Most of the participants in the day-long tour were not from Pueblo County, which met the foundation’s goal of educating people from all over the state about the needs of the…

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