About this Blog

Welcome and thank you for visiting Water Education Colorado’s Your Water Colorado Blog. We started posting and sharing stories in 2012 and continue to engage new readers and collaborate with new writers, helping us increase awareness that water is a limited resource that is central to our quality of life.  There are four things in this blog:

  1. Water Education Colorado members and invited experts writing about water in Colorado
  2. Summaries of and links to current water news stories
  3. Information about Water Education Colorado’s programs, publications, campaigns and upcoming events
  4. Comments and thoughtful discussion surrounding the issues raised by our posts

If you want to comment on a blog post, please read our Comment and Editorial Policy and Guidelines that apply to your use of the blog.

If you’re interested in contributing a blog post, contact caitlin@yourwatercolorado.org and read through Your Water Colorado Blog Policy 2018 guidance document.


Water Education Colorado, the publishers of this blog, believes that everyone has a responsibility to be “water aware” so that together our decisions will lead to a better future for all. Opinions expressed on this blog and in any corresponding comments are the personal opinions of the original authors and do not reflect the views of Water Education Colorado.

Water Education Colorado has taken reasonable measures to keep the information on this site accurate, complete and up-to-date, and is not responsible for any damage or loss related to inaccuracy, incompleteness or lack of timeliness of the information.

On this blog we reserve the right:

  • To post or reject a comment for any reason, entirely at our discretion
  • To delete a comment for any reason, entirely at our discretion
  • To delete language from a comment if deemed inappropriate, entirely at our discretion
  • To determine the length of time a comment shall remain posted, including indefinitely
  • To ban any commentator from future contributions to this blog for violation of our editorial policy

Comment and Editorial Policy

We’re glad you want to comment on the Your Water Colorado Blog and encourage you to share your ideas.  Below are some things you should know about this blog:

  • All comments posted on this blog are moderated, which means they will be reviewed and can be edited or deleted by Water Education Colorado staff or board

As a commenter or blogger, you agree:


  • To tell the truth
  • To acknowledge and correct mistakes
  • To be respectful when disagreeing with other opinions
  • Not to post any material that is obscene, defamatory, profane, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive or embarrassing
  • Not to post any material or links that contain viruses, worms or anything else that would damage or interfere with systems, data or information

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