Logo_tagline_ColorThe mission of the Colorado Foundation for Water Education is to promote better understanding of Colorado’s water resources and issues by providing balanced and accurate information and education. We accomplish our mission through the production of high-quality educational tools and experiences– which we’ve been doing since 2002.
When implementing these programs, CFWE maintains an unbiased, objective viewpoint that encompasses diverse perspectives on water resource issues. CFWE advocates only for the availability of unbiased water education information. We never take a position or lobby on specific water issues.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. To everyone involved in the recent Citizen’s Guide, thanks for your good work. The transbasin diversions publication is superb. It is well written, factual, not overwhelming, informative, nicely illustrated and useful. You did a lot in a very short time. Kudos to all.

  2. Once again, kudos to all for a superb Winter 2015 special feature on “Colorado’s Water Plan.” This is a readable and comprehensive guide to the concept of a state water plan, and it offers clear and appropriate direction for the future. I am impressed by the quality of this production. It should be required reading for all our students, high school and college.

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