Weather Modification-Cloud Seeding Data

Think Mother Nature is the only one that can control the weather? Well think again. During times of drought and as we look toward an uncertain climate future, water managers and scientists are relying on cloud seeding to bring snow to ski resorts and a more reliable water supply along the Colorado River. Cloud seeding … Continue reading Weather Modification-Cloud Seeding Data


The 2-Year Anniversary of the Gold King Mine Spill

  The Gold King Mine spill occurred two years ago on Aug. 5, 2015 in Silverton, Colorado. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was investigating the release of water from the mine and was hoping to remove material that had collapsed at the mine’s entrance. During removal, the loose material gave way, opening the mine … Continue reading The 2-Year Anniversary of the Gold King Mine Spill

A Single Drop

Each year brings warnings of drought and with it, the implementation of water conservation measures. How do climatologists know if a lack of precipitation is a drought indicator or simply part of the earth’s natural cycle? In a word: Data. Everything water related, including drought, begins with precipitation. Systematic weather reporting in Colorado began in … Continue reading A Single Drop