What’s in the Water?

  There is a high likelihood that at some point in your life, you have used a product containing fluoride. Many of us have memories of fluoride treatments at the dentist's office—either in the form of a goopy gel oozing out of ill-fitting trays or as a liquid rinse. Even as adults, most people brush … Continue reading What’s in the Water?


Colorado’s Transbasin Diversions: Perspectives

"The interesting thing about all of these tunnels is you look through them and you can see a pinpoint of light at the end," says Wayne Vanderschuere, the general manager for water and wastewater planning at Colorado Springs Utilities.  Vanderschuere was talking about transbasin diversion tunnels. The Colorado Foundation for Water Education returned from our transbasin … Continue reading Colorado’s Transbasin Diversions: Perspectives

Drought Restrictions Depend on Water Storage and Portfolios

This year we've seen watering restrictions come to stay or go in different parts of the state, but Coloradans don't always realize that those restrictions mean very different things for utilities based on their water portfolios.  An interesting article published this week in the Coloradan explains the messages and portfolios of some of the northern … Continue reading Drought Restrictions Depend on Water Storage and Portfolios